5 Famous Bands That Met in College

A college is a place where students start to dream big. It is also when students start building their future. Athletes become successful during their competitions in college, famous singers learn their basics in the institution-building, rich and successful businessmen honed their financial skills in and out of the four corners of the classroom and a well-known band started their beginning fame at college. All these things did not happen in an instant. Students have to battle all the struggles of academic life themselves having no extra help. However, if they could get little assistance, we would see more talented and famous people nowadays.
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Once a student is able to accomplish all their academic tasks, they can focus on what they really wanted to achieve like forming a band. There are lots of popular bands today that have started out in college and it proves that people can pursue their dreams even while studying.

Popular Bands that Met in College

1. Coldplay

They met during college and were not yet famous in the mainstream of the rock music industry. Coldplay went to perform in different gigs in college and the students loved them. They started at the University of London way back in 1998 and from then on, they rose from simple gigs to larger crowds until they became famous and started making their own music. At present, Coldplay is considered as an icon of their generation and they keep entertaining their fans by writing their songs and performing to the best level they can.


In every generation, the name of this iconic band is kept alive because of its phenomenal music and influence on people. Before they stepped into the limelight, they started simple in a school at London Imperial College. The four members made their pack. And this is the start of the beautiful career of Freddie Mercury and the band. Until now, Queen is a favorite and well-loved band even by the new generation.

3. R.E.M.

In the year 1980, this band was formed at the University of Georgia and they changed the college music since then. Their talents and skills grew each year until they signed with a label and made their name and music known around the world. Their influence has brought kids from every generation to be inspired and form a band of their own and follow their dreams. Their College Rock theme has been given to them as their legacy to students.

4. Creed

Every music lover will come to know this band and will love their music. The rock genre they carry transcends to their audience every time they play. They started back in college at Florida State University in Tallahassee. They released their first album in 1997 and since then their music has overwhelmed the public.

5. Commodores

Back in the 70s, this band was formed and one of the famous individual names it carries until now is Lionel Ritchie. Back in Tuskegee University, a group of freshmen has been formed and they cannot come up with a name that is why they look into the dictionary and settle for the name Commodores. They specialized with Jazz music plus R&B which made them famous all throughout the years.
College has been proven as a breeding ground for some of the greatest people in different industries. It is just important that students are determined to follow their dreams and work hard to reach them.

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