Rainbow Gathering 98% White, 1% Black, .5% Asian, .5% Teal

July 4, 2011

Just the Headline

Some Forest, WA: Officials have noted that the annual meeting of free spirited individuals called The Rainbow Gathering might not be named as appropriately as previously thought.  While the event is going on this year in Washington state, an informal survey was done of the attendees.  It has been found that the so-called Rainbow of people who attend is actually 99% Caucasian.  There are no Rainbow Gathering representatives who could officially comment on this, though one festival-goer told this reporter, “A rainbow isn’t about color, it’s about loving your fellow man and being free.”  After pointing out that a rainbow actually is exactly about color, I was bombarded by organic broccoli and a splashed with almond milk in an attempt to get me flee the site.  This investigation is still ongoing.

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