Spun Bassnectar Fan Jams Out to 4 Hours of an Electric Generator

July 1, 2011

Rothbury, MI : Witnesses report that a dreadlocked woman finally retired to her tent after spending 3 hours dancing to the beats and grooves of an electric generator that was powering a pizza vendor’s ovens.  One witness, Dan Sovner told us, “That girl was rocking it so hard.  I don’t even know the last time I saw someone dance like that.  She was slamming so hard to that generator that I almost joined her. Almost.”

A second witness, who wished to remain anonymous, had this to say, “That chick was so spun out she didn’t even realize that she was dancing behind the pizza tent.  Every time the oven opened she would shout about how awesome the lights were.  And when the generator started to sputter for a minute got into some real funky break dancing moves.  She kept yelling out Bassnectar song requests, but he’s not even on until Saturday night. I need to find that chick and get whatever she was on.”

We caught up with the young dancer, who turned out to be Katie Bowen, a 19 year old student from Philadelphia who couldn’t stop talking about Bassnectars’ ‘Secret Set’.  “You guys heard about that secret set right?  It’s like no one else heard about it, I can’t believe I was there for it.  His grooves just kept going and were trancin’ me out so hard.  I just wish that idiot behind me didn’t keep yelling ‘pepperoni’ the whole time.  Oh well, I can’t wait to torrent that set.”

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