Pacifist Enlists in Glow Stick War

June 27, 2011
By DrumNkeyboard

Watkins Glen, NY: News reports have been trickling in from the front lines where Joe Piscanny, a 31 year old self described pacifist, has just joined in the Glow Stick War.  “The battle is hitting Watkins Glen and I have to be ready for it” Piscanny told our reporters.  “I tried to be an impartial observer during the skirmish at Bonnaroo this year, but I still took two glowsticks to the dome.”

When asked about his change of heart Piscanny said, “I never really minded the glow rings, those things are fine.  But I’ve been collateral damage in too many glow stick battles to stand aside anymore.  This war has gone on for too long. Watkins Glen may be the turning point that decides it.”  Piscanny wasn’t able to describe exactly what will be decided by the war, but he was last seen fervently preparing for battle by playing tether ball at the park.

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